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TPMS Sensors

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electronic system that is designed to monitor the air pressure inside of pneumatic tires. TPMS sensors help deliver real-time tire pressure information to the driver of a vehicle, to help ensure tires are always properly inflated, by means of a pictogram display, gauge, or simple low-pressure warning light on the driver’s dash.

Rimz To Go offers the comprehensive and wide selection of TPMS sensors for all vehicle makes and models. Did we mention that we also ship to all 50 states?

You can be confident that the TPMS sensors offered by Rimz To Go will live up to the rigorous demands of any driving conditions, and offer accurate, real-time tire pressure information to keep your car driving at its highest potential.

TMPS is an important technology for drivers, as incorrect tire pressure can negatively impact not only one’s vehicle, but also their pocket book. Correct tire pressure makes a difference in how quickly tires wear out, making correct tire pressure important for the lifespan of your tires. The correct tire pressure helps make a car more fuel efficient, and can even affect how car brakes work while driving.

Uni-Sensor TPMS

Rimz To Go offers the cutting edge Uni-Sensor TPMS sensor, which is both smart and efficient. These TPMS sensors are blank sensors, waiting to be programmed into any vehicles. This helps ensure that we have a TPMS sensor for any particular vehicle. Uni-Sensor is the ultimate TPMS universal solution.

Benefits of TPMS:

  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Extends the longevity of tires
  • Ensures vehicle's brakes are working and handling properly
  • Increases safety while driving

If you’re looking for comprehensive, hassle-free TPMS solutions, look no further than Rimz To Go. We ship TPMS sensors to all 50 states. 

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